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 Ihr Landung ['her landfill']

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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Ihr Landung ['her landfill']   Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:15 pm


A pretty general forum, with boards for talking about just-about-anything -- a roleplay section; places to discuss music, art, books/stories you or others have written, TV shows, and [naturally] a board for threads that don't quite fit in any of those places; a section for forum games..
It also has a miniaturized version of Boulevard 16 on it. [the actual full forum of which was deleted.] It has a separate roleplay section, and a board of threads describing the Boulevard.
And... it has awesome skins. >>; Seriously! Not that I guess that's really a reason to join it.. but, hey, I guess to some people it could be. O.o
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Ihr Landung ['her landfill']
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